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We all know that choosing fixtures and colours can be very difficult. The best way is to get professional design help.

DK Conquest will take care of your initial design process at no cost.

(*certain limitations apply, contact us for details on how to qualify)

Make your decision easier.


DK CONQUEST CONSTRUCTION INC. provides solutions that incorporate efficient design and construction services in a single contract.

We reduce the number of contracts and centralize responsibility for performance, simplifying the business aspects of construction. DKCC will work with you from the very beginning to design your dream home.


DK CONQUEST CONSTRUCTION INC. is specialized in areas of cost estimating.

We have engineers and architects on hand to assist with your planning needs. Call us today to find out more!


DK CONQUEST CONSTRUCTION INC. is your premier general contractor resource for one-stop construction expertise.

We specialize in logistical general contracting that will take your residential or commercial project from concept to completion, no matter what its size.


Reputation and trust are critical to DK CONQUEST CONSTRUCTION INC.

We offer the finest in complete home remodelling, construction and restoration services and stand behind all of our work.

We pay close attention to customer’s needs, making sure that they are fully satisfied with our work.

DKCC hires all qualified tradespeople.

  • They work quickly and efficiently on your project with quality as their main focus.
  • They are fully self-sufficient and do not need any supervision until they are done, in which our quality control team completes the final review.
  • Before you meet with your contractor, try to determine what your scope of work will be and what your budget is.
  • Do your research! It’s as simple as that. Search online to discover what your taste is. Provide us with samples and images of any ideas you have (ie. Contemporary, traditional, etc.).
  • For most of the materials, visit the suppliers that we provided so you can see hands on what you’ll be getting. For a list of these most important items, please contact us and someone will be happy to assist you.
  • Decide whether you are going to live in your home during construction, or live elsewhere. We recommend to find alternate accommodations if at all possible as it can be very stressful.
  • Check out our form on our Contact Page to help you prepare for your project.

How much will my project cost?

After an initial project consultation and a home assessment, we will put a comprehensive budget together for you. The budget will depend on the scope of work required for the project and the budget restrictions that you have. Once we put together the initial budget, we review as a team and get to a final budget number that everyone is comfortable with. Sometimes this means adding or subtracting certain budget items, or increasing or reducing specific item allowances within the budget. We will do our best to create an accurate budget estimate that will give you a good idea of the total project cost.

How long will my renovation take?

Project length is totally dependent on project scope and detail. After the consultation, we can give you a rough estimate on project length to completion. Project length is also very weather dependent, for example, some materials take longer to dry in colder weather.

Why can't you give me quote?

Renovations come with so many unknowns. Things do not always go as planned and there are sometimes surprises along the way. Sometimes what is under the floorboards, or in the walls, is not as easy as we thought. We try and budget for the unknown, and thoroughly inspect your place before we give you a budget. But there is a lot that we don’t know, and won’t know, until we really get started. In some cases, if the scope is too complex, the quote is given to you on an hourly basis so that we can use the tradespeople efficiently.

What is the resale value of my renovations?

Studies show that the renovations with the highest resale value include painting (both interior and exterior), kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, flooring replacement, window and door replacement and additions. The worst resale value upgrade? A swimming pool.